Verge Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The original coin has been on the road since 2014, but was still called DogecoinDark at that time. Here not only anonymity was in the foreground, but also fun, so the name refers to a popular meme from that time. The realignment took place in 2016, and the developers kept a low profile as far as their actual identities were concerned. Instead, they put the community in the foreground. The creators behind Ver-ge don’t see themselves as private companies, they work transparently on a project and involve the community. The project is financed entirely by donations from the community and by the developers themselves. In contrast to other crypto currencies, there was no “Initial Coin Offering”, a large event where as many coins as possible were sold for the first time. Instead, the coins are distributed evenly.

Ethereum code – advantages and disadvantages

If everything worked as the developers imagined it would, Ethereum code would be the smaller but safer alternative to Bitcoin. The crypto currency basically wants to offer the same functions: a digital means of payment, managed decentrally. In addition, there is a special focus on concealing any traces of transactions. This should make Ver ge ge particularly secure. At the same time, the new concepts of the multi-mining algorithm and simple payment verification offer a much faster transaction rate. Read more about it on:

Of the approximately 16.5 billion coins that are expected to end up, 9 billion have already been distributed. Since then, a further billion coins have been distributed to the community every year until all coins are on the market. Thus the coin development could turn out to be much more stable than with other crypto currencies. Another advantage: The coin is still very cheap compared to other coins whose price is fired by the hype. The coin has received little attention so far, but has also experienced growth in market capital in recent months. So anyone who wants to buy does not enter an overpriced market here.

The developers include the community in the development. Whether this is good or bad is difficult to say and will probably only become apparent over time. You won’t find support from other companies or institutions here so quickly. The developers depend on the support of the community. You have to hope that the developers know how to keep their fans happy.

Verge Coin Price – Development – Forecast

Although it has been known since 2016, the crypto currency has mostly been used for a rather unnoticed existence. Even after the good coin development of the price in 2017, the market share is less than 0.1%. In spring 2017 the price of Ver/ge was mostly almost 0 Euro. Only in the month of May was the price able to gain slightly in value and for the first time managed to reach 5 cents per coin. However, this could also have been due to the good mood on the stock markets with regard to crypto currencies. Crypto currencies were generally very popular in the spring of 2017 and the coin probably swam along on the wave of success.

Then the price fell slightly and fluctuated between 0.2 and 0.3 cents until September. That was nevertheless a doubling of the share price compared to the previous year. In September the price then rose again and remained at over 0.6 cents per coin until November. Despite slight setbacks on the stock markets, it was so far the most successful year for the crypto currency. But the big leap was yet to come.

At the beginning of December, the price continued to improve significantly. Within a few days it rose to 1 cent, immediately afterwards to 1.5 cent per ver/ge. It should come however still better: On December 13, John McAfee announced in a tweet that crypto currencies that guarantee anonymous transactions had the best chances on the market. He highlighted Verge and called the coin a “best buy”. He considered the previously unknown digital currency to be particularly promising. This tweet did not go unnoticed and the price reached its highest level ever.

In the course of December, Ver ge rose up to 20 cents and calmed down a bit afterwards. Nevertheless, the crypto currency started as strong as never before into a new year and could increase considerably compared to the previous year. It was only now that the shareholders became really aware. Even if it is not possible to make exact predictions, it is likely that the development will be very positive in 2018.

Where can I buy the Verge Coin?
You can exchange Verge on various crypto exchanges. There is no special marketplace for Verge. Instead, you usually have to exchange the currency for other crypto currencies. Bitcoin or Ethereum is often used to buy Verge. For example on the stock exchanges Bitfix, Binance,