Ethereum Mining – Ether Mining – It’s that simple!

Ethereum Mining – is a convenient way to build a passive income. But first you have to get the right hardware and it is necessary to deal with the software. Ethereum’s mining is not so different from most other crypto currencies. However, there are many things to keep in mind. Our Ethereum Mining Guide shows you what is important.

What hardware is needed for a Bitcoin profit?

Ethereum needs the miners to create new blocks and validate the Smart Contracts. In order for the Ethereum network to be able to protect itself against spam attacks, computers must solve complex mathematical tasks. The difficulty of these tasks makes it necessary to use powerful graphics cards. Therefore, with the right hardware, you can’t avoid investing a good deal of money in the rig before you can start Ethereum Mining. If you already have a good computer in your living room, you can save yourself the purchase. However, it can hardly be used for anything else as long as the computer is Ethereum mined.

When mining, the graphics cards are usually called GPU. This stands for graphics processor. As a rule, a proper mining rig has several GPUs. The requirements are so high that you can’t do it with just one graphics card. In the future, the difficulty in creating new blocks will increase, which is why more graphics cards are needed.

A proper Bitcoin revolution has several GPUs

With the GPUs it depends on the Hashrate on When choosing a graphics card there are basically two manufacturers in question: AMD and Nvidia. An AMD RX 470/570 graphics card costs about 300 € and has a hash rate of 20 to 30 Mh/s (hashs per second). For such a graphics card, the computer needs a VRAM of 4 to 8 GB. Much more powerful is the AMD Radeon RX Vega series. But it can also cost between 600 and 700 €. The RX Vega series needs a RVAM of 8 GB and gets thereby a Hashrate of 30 to 45 Mh/s.

With Nvidia the GTX 1060 offers itself in the lower segment. This costs up to 400 € (Nvidia is generally somewhat expensive). With a VRAM of 3 or 6 GB the GTX gets 18 to 25 Mh/s. In the upper price segment is the GTX 1080ti. This costs over 1.000 €. With a VRAM of 11 GB the Hashrate is between 35 to 40 Mh/s.

Apart from that, a PC needs a motherboard with PCIe slots for ethereum mining. These provide the interface between the graphics cards. The more GPUs the computer or rig wants to use, the more interfaces it needs. If there are space problems with the interfaces, a riser card is a good choice. You don’t actually need a case, the hardware parts can stand open. More important is the power supply. During mining, the computer will be busy 24 hours a day. A low quality power supply could overheat and damage the rest of the hardware. For the same reason, cooling is also important.

Expensive and therefore powerful hardware means that more hashes are generated and more ether is mined. With lower expenses, the purchase pays for itself later. One should consider not only the hardware, but also the electricity costs. In order to calculate from when the mining is really worthwhile, an Ethereum Mining Calculator should be consulted.