With the Siacoin Mining Hardware

Siacoin Mining Siacoin is a crypto currency for the purchase and sale of data storage. The digital currency has discovered the ever-growing cloud market and brings data storage trading to the blockchain level. For the network to work, Siacoin also needs Miner. What you need to know about Siacoin Mining and how the mining instructions look like, you can find out here.

What hardware is needed to mine Siacoin?

With the Siacoin Mining Hardware it depends primarily on the graphics card. Siacoin mining is mainly operated via good GPUs, CPUs are not used here. Ultimately, it comes down to whether you want to use an Nvidia or AMD graphics card. In both cases, of course, there are different price classes. The more powerful the graphics card is, the more hashes it should be able to handle per second. The more hashes, the higher the hash power, binarycheck the more likely it is that the correct hash is found and you get the chance to create a new block. Only then do you get a few Siacoins.
A Siacoin Mining Calculator can help to find out how much hash power each graphics card has. Just to name a few examples: an Nvidia GTX 980 creates about 1290 hashes, a GTX 1080 FE creates 2190 hashes. A Radeon R9 290 graphics card can handle about 1050 hashs, the R9 Fury X 1800. based on the current Siacoin course you can then calculate how much money you could theoretically earn by digging with one of the graphics cards. Not only the price of the graphics card and other hardware must be taken into account, but also the cost of electricity. Only when the electricity costs are taken into account can the calculator provide information about the actual Siacoin Mining Profitability.

The interested miner has to decide whether he wants to put together a rig himself or whether he would rather buy a complete rig. The latter saves you some time and effort, but usually costs more. In both cases, there are other elements of the mining hardware that should be carefully considered.

Cooling is one of the most important elements in mining. Because the rig will be busy all day and all night doing hard work. The cooling must work well, otherwise the rig can be damaged. The mainboard is there to connect www.scamcontrol.net the individual parts of the hardware. When making the connections, make sure that there is enough space between the graphics cards. Otherwise they will heat up more easily. If there are not enough slots on the mainboard, additional PCIe connectors can help.

The quality of the power supply must not be compromised, as this can also be overloaded and damaged. Only the housing is not so important, you can save money here.

Software & Siacoin Mining Guide

Now to Siacoin Mining Software. Depending on the manufacturer of the graphics card, the correct library for the mining software must be installed. That would be for an Nvidia graphics card CUDA, for AMD OpenCL. These programs can be downloaded from the support area of the respective manufacturers. The actual program for mining is a different one. For this Siacoin Mining Guide we download the program Marlin. Marlin is compatible with both CUDA and OpenCL. The program should be easy to install. It is important to note down the address of the execution file in the Explorer.