Verge Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The original coin has been on the road since 2014, but was still called DogecoinDark at that time. Here not only anonymity was in the foreground, but also fun, so the name refers to a popular meme from that time. The realignment took place in 2016, and the developers kept a low profile as far as their actual identities were concerned. Instead, they put the community in the foreground. The creators behind Ver-ge don’t see themselves as private companies, they work transparently on a project and involve the community. The project is financed entirely by donations from the community and by the developers themselves. In contrast to other crypto currencies, there was no “Initial Coin Offering”, a large event where as many coins as possible were sold for the first time. Instead, the coins are distributed evenly.

Ethereum code – advantages and disadvantages

If everything worked as the developers imagined it would, Ethereum code would be the smaller but safer alternative to Bitcoin. The crypto currency basically wants to offer the same functions: a digital means of payment, managed decentrally. In addition, there is a special focus on concealing any traces of transactions. This should make Ver ge ge particularly secure. At the same time, the new concepts of the multi-mining algorithm and simple payment verification offer a much faster transaction rate. Read more about it on:

Of the approximately 16.5 billion coins that are expected to end up, 9 billion have already been distributed. Since then, a further billion coins have been distributed to the community every year until all coins are on the market. Thus the coin development could turn out to be much more stable than with other crypto currencies. Another advantage: The coin is still very cheap compared to other coins whose price is fired by the hype. The coin has received little attention so far, but has also experienced growth in market capital in recent months. So anyone who wants to buy does not enter an overpriced market here.

The developers include the community in the development. Whether this is good or bad is difficult to say and will probably only become apparent over time. You won’t find support from other companies or institutions here so quickly. The developers depend on the support of the community. You have to hope that the developers know how to keep their fans happy.

Verge Coin Price – Development – Forecast

Although it has been known since 2016, the crypto currency has mostly been used for a rather unnoticed existence. Even after the good coin development of the price in 2017, the market share is less than 0.1%. In spring 2017 the price of Ver/ge was mostly almost 0 Euro. Only in the month of May was the price able to gain slightly in value and for the first time managed to reach 5 cents per coin. However, this could also have been due to the good mood on the stock markets with regard to crypto currencies. Crypto currencies were generally very popular in the spring of 2017 and the coin probably swam along on the wave of success.

Then the price fell slightly and fluctuated between 0.2 and 0.3 cents until September. That was nevertheless a doubling of the share price compared to the previous year. In September the price then rose again and remained at over 0.6 cents per coin until November. Despite slight setbacks on the stock markets, it was so far the most successful year for the crypto currency. But the big leap was yet to come.

At the beginning of December, the price continued to improve significantly. Within a few days it rose to 1 cent, immediately afterwards to 1.5 cent per ver/ge. It should come however still better: On December 13, John McAfee announced in a tweet that crypto currencies that guarantee anonymous transactions had the best chances on the market. He highlighted Verge and called the coin a “best buy”. He considered the previously unknown digital currency to be particularly promising. This tweet did not go unnoticed and the price reached its highest level ever.

In the course of December, Ver ge rose up to 20 cents and calmed down a bit afterwards. Nevertheless, the crypto currency started as strong as never before into a new year and could increase considerably compared to the previous year. It was only now that the shareholders became really aware. Even if it is not possible to make exact predictions, it is likely that the development will be very positive in 2018.

Where can I buy the Verge Coin?
You can exchange Verge on various crypto exchanges. There is no special marketplace for Verge. Instead, you usually have to exchange the currency for other crypto currencies. Bitcoin or Ethereum is often used to buy Verge. For example on the stock exchanges Bitfix, Binance,

Ethereum Mining – Ether Mining – It’s that simple!

Ethereum Mining – is a convenient way to build a passive income. But first you have to get the right hardware and it is necessary to deal with the software. Ethereum’s mining is not so different from most other crypto currencies. However, there are many things to keep in mind. Our Ethereum Mining Guide shows you what is important.

What hardware is needed for a Bitcoin profit?

Ethereum needs the miners to create new blocks and validate the Smart Contracts. In order for the Ethereum network to be able to protect itself against spam attacks, computers must solve complex mathematical tasks. The difficulty of these tasks makes it necessary to use powerful graphics cards. Therefore, with the right hardware, you can’t avoid investing a good deal of money in the rig before you can start Ethereum Mining. If you already have a good computer in your living room, you can save yourself the purchase. However, it can hardly be used for anything else as long as the computer is Ethereum mined.

When mining, the graphics cards are usually called GPU. This stands for graphics processor. As a rule, a proper mining rig has several GPUs. The requirements are so high that you can’t do it with just one graphics card. In the future, the difficulty in creating new blocks will increase, which is why more graphics cards are needed.

A proper Bitcoin revolution has several GPUs

With the GPUs it depends on the Hashrate on When choosing a graphics card there are basically two manufacturers in question: AMD and Nvidia. An AMD RX 470/570 graphics card costs about 300 € and has a hash rate of 20 to 30 Mh/s (hashs per second). For such a graphics card, the computer needs a VRAM of 4 to 8 GB. Much more powerful is the AMD Radeon RX Vega series. But it can also cost between 600 and 700 €. The RX Vega series needs a RVAM of 8 GB and gets thereby a Hashrate of 30 to 45 Mh/s.

With Nvidia the GTX 1060 offers itself in the lower segment. This costs up to 400 € (Nvidia is generally somewhat expensive). With a VRAM of 3 or 6 GB the GTX gets 18 to 25 Mh/s. In the upper price segment is the GTX 1080ti. This costs over 1.000 €. With a VRAM of 11 GB the Hashrate is between 35 to 40 Mh/s.

Apart from that, a PC needs a motherboard with PCIe slots for ethereum mining. These provide the interface between the graphics cards. The more GPUs the computer or rig wants to use, the more interfaces it needs. If there are space problems with the interfaces, a riser card is a good choice. You don’t actually need a case, the hardware parts can stand open. More important is the power supply. During mining, the computer will be busy 24 hours a day. A low quality power supply could overheat and damage the rest of the hardware. For the same reason, cooling is also important.

Expensive and therefore powerful hardware means that more hashes are generated and more ether is mined. With lower expenses, the purchase pays for itself later. One should consider not only the hardware, but also the electricity costs. In order to calculate from when the mining is really worthwhile, an Ethereum Mining Calculator should be consulted.

Bitcoin ETF comments predominantly positive

On June 26, 2018, Cboe filed a Bitcoin ETF application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The document has been made publicly available and people can comment on it to help the SEC better understand public opinion. And until July 11, more than 210 people commented on the motion on the SEC’s website.

Crypto enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the SEC’s forthcoming decision. The ETF approval could trigger the largest Bitcoin Bull run to date. However, it is unclear how likely a Bitcoin ETF is. The SEC usually has 45 days to make a decision, which is expected by August 15, 2018.

Predominantly positive for the Bitcoin trader

The vast majority of the Bitcoin trader is in favour of introducing a Bitcoin ETF. Only six commentators rejected the proposal. The main concern of the ETF opponents was the manipulation of the Bitcoin price. Others are afraid of quantum computers. The positive comments that support a Bitcoin ETF can be divided into three areas:

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will continue to exist in the future
The USA needs to use and deploy Bitcoin quickly to stay at the forefront
Regulation would protect millions of investors

Mike Fort hit the Bitcoin code

Virtual currencies can – become – part of the economy of any country. I repeat: these currencies will not disappear, and they will prevail in every economy and in every part of the planet. Some places, small economies, may become dependent on virtual currencies […]. We are experiencing a technological revolution by the Bitcoin code. Perhaps we are experiencing a modern miracle.

Others share this view. Anthony Pompliano (Morgan Creek) also said in his letter to the SEC that “these law-abiding individuals” have decided “that this decentralized digital currency is an asset […]. The millions of Americans who believe in the value of Bitcoin should be given the same access and protection as other investors”.

Other commentators also mentioned that China had not managed to “shut down” Bitcoin and the fact that the Bitcoin network has been running smoothly since its inception, which speaks for the stability of Bitcoin.

These reasons suggest that the SEC should seriously consider this motion. In addition, the United States of America should not fall behind and be overtaken by other countries.

The biggest difference in the mining

Next you should create a Siacoin Wallet. The Sia-UI is the safest variant. Sia-UI is an official app for Windows created by the developers of Siacoin. The app can be downloaded and installed from the Siacoin website. Then you create your own wallet with it, including the password and the seed, which you should keep well. When this is complete, the wallet should synchronize with the blockchain. This may take a while. Alternatively, you can buy an online wallet on one of the file-sharing sites where you can trade Siacoin, such as Poloniex. But these wallets are not so secure.

Mining with Bitcoin Code

To start with the actual Siacoin mining, open the file “marlin.bat” in the folder of the mining program. Enter the address of the wallet here. After saving and closing the file, double-click on it. Mining should then begin immediately with Bitcoin Code. If you are using a Siacoin Mining Pool, enter the address of the mining pool and the number of workers.

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What are the differences between Siacoin Mining and Bitcoin Mining?

The biggest difference in the mining of the two crypto currencies is the algorithm they use. Siacoin uses the blake2b algorithm to hash its blocks. This can only be solved with graphics cards. Unlike bitcoin mining, where only the ASIC processors can be used.

Another difference is the difficulty of mining. Bitcoin now places such high demands on the hardware that a normal person can hardly afford to participate in mining. With Siacoin the difficulty is not yet so high and one does not have to invest so much to be able to earn something from mining.

However, it should be noted that Siacoin is not yet available for exchange at many Exchanges. Bitcoins are much easier to exchange for euros. With Siacoin, that’s even more awkward.

Siacoin Mining – Solo Mining, Pool Mining or Cloud Mining?

In solo mining you try to find the right hash on your own. If you succeed, you’ll have the Siacoins all to yourself. However, you need a very high hash power to find the right hash by chance. For most miners, mining profitability alone is not high enough to recoup the cost of acquisition and power.

They therefore prefer to merge into a Siacoin Mining Pool. Here they combine their hash power, which increases the probability that they can successfully dig a new block. The mining pool then also regulates the distribution of the mined coins. However, onlinebetrug you should make sure that the pool provider is trustworthy.

No hardware is required for cloud mining. Instead, you pay fees to a mining provider. He’ll give you the coins you’ve been digging for it. Cloud mining is a way to get coins without obtaining a mining rig yourself or exchanging the crypto currency on the exchanges.

Siacoin offers a blockchain-based cloud market and thus a promising crypto currency. Siacoin mining can also be worthwhile. Mining is primarily carried out via the graphics cards. For most people, a mining pool is an option in order to really make a profit.

With the Siacoin Mining Hardware

Siacoin Mining Siacoin is a crypto currency for the purchase and sale of data storage. The digital currency has discovered the ever-growing cloud market and brings data storage trading to the blockchain level. For the network to work, Siacoin also needs Miner. What you need to know about Siacoin Mining and how the mining instructions look like, you can find out here.

What hardware is needed to mine Siacoin?

With the Siacoin Mining Hardware it depends primarily on the graphics card. Siacoin mining is mainly operated via good GPUs, CPUs are not used here. Ultimately, it comes down to whether you want to use an Nvidia or AMD graphics card. In both cases, of course, there are different price classes. The more powerful the graphics card is, the more hashes it should be able to handle per second. The more hashes, the higher the hash power, binarycheck the more likely it is that the correct hash is found and you get the chance to create a new block. Only then do you get a few Siacoins.
A Siacoin Mining Calculator can help to find out how much hash power each graphics card has. Just to name a few examples: an Nvidia GTX 980 creates about 1290 hashes, a GTX 1080 FE creates 2190 hashes. A Radeon R9 290 graphics card can handle about 1050 hashs, the R9 Fury X 1800. based on the current Siacoin course you can then calculate how much money you could theoretically earn by digging with one of the graphics cards. Not only the price of the graphics card and other hardware must be taken into account, but also the cost of electricity. Only when the electricity costs are taken into account can the calculator provide information about the actual Siacoin Mining Profitability.

The interested miner has to decide whether he wants to put together a rig himself or whether he would rather buy a complete rig. The latter saves you some time and effort, but usually costs more. In both cases, there are other elements of the mining hardware that should be carefully considered.

Cooling is one of the most important elements in mining. Because the rig will be busy all day and all night doing hard work. The cooling must work well, otherwise the rig can be damaged. The mainboard is there to connect the individual parts of the hardware. When making the connections, make sure that there is enough space between the graphics cards. Otherwise they will heat up more easily. If there are not enough slots on the mainboard, additional PCIe connectors can help.

The quality of the power supply must not be compromised, as this can also be overloaded and damaged. Only the housing is not so important, you can save money here.

Software & Siacoin Mining Guide

Now to Siacoin Mining Software. Depending on the manufacturer of the graphics card, the correct library for the mining software must be installed. That would be for an Nvidia graphics card CUDA, for AMD OpenCL. These programs can be downloaded from the support area of the respective manufacturers. The actual program for mining is a different one. For this Siacoin Mining Guide we download the program Marlin. Marlin is compatible with both CUDA and OpenCL. The program should be easy to install. It is important to note down the address of the execution file in the Explorer.

Open Source Hardware Wallet

Those who do not yet know what a Hardware Wallet is should read the explanation. Bitcoin Hardware Wallets are considered the safest way to store your own Bitcoins.

At the same time, the bitcoins can be actively used. Beginners make no mistakes with a hardware wallet and do not risk a total loss of digital currencies.

Here, the individual Bitcoin Hardware Wallets were examined and compared with each other. The test winner has been determined:

TREZOR One – Open Source Hardware Wallet

The Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet is the prehistoric Bitcoin Hardware Wallet. Although the Trezor One weighs only 12 grams and is 60 x 30 x 6 mm small, it does a great job.

The code of the Bitcoin Hardware Wallet is open source and therefore publicly available. This has the advantage that hackers can try – which they will – to crack the Bitcoin Hardware Wallet.

Up to now, all security gaps, which were not really alarming, have been closed as quickly as possible.

The design of the Trezor takes getting used to and does not appeal to everyone. The price is in the range of 130 €¹ and is more than reasonable for the features it offers.

Although the Trezor One costs more than the Ledger Nano S, the Bitcoin Hardware Wallet still ranks first, which speaks for the Hardware Wallet.


The SatoshiLabs company behind Trezor One also deserves recognition. It works professionally, actively uses the social media channels and publishes factual reports on updates and security problems.

The Bitcoin Hardware Wallet does not only support Bitcoin. More than 12 currencies and ERC20 tokens can be used with this device.

Ledger Nano S | The inexpensive Bitcoin Hardware Wallet
Half open ledger Nano S The ledger Nano S is ranked second. The Bitcoin Hardware Wallet costs 94 €¹, making it the leader when it comes to value for money.

The device has a nice design, an easy to use interface and this hardware wallet supports more than 23 currencies and ERC20 tokens.

The Bitcoin Hardware Wallet is 98 x 18 x 9 mm and is about the size of a USB stick. At only 16 grams, the Nano S is not a heavyweight either.


Ledger(Wallet) is SatoshiLabs’ biggest competitor. Unfortunately, this criticism is not so well handled by the competition.

Security problems are more likely to be swept under the carpet and dismissed as harmless than discussed openly and objectively.

Another, often mentioned criticism is that the code for the ledger products is not open source. This leads to a feeling of security, although it is not possible to check whether the code is really secure.